Saturday, 23 May 2009

working full-time in science

For the last 20 years, I was working full-time in science. I mean, if molecular biology is a science, then I was working in science. It does not automatically mean I was doing science. Let me elaborate on this a little.

There are very few people out there actually doing Science. A lot of people are said to be “working in science” though. Maybe they are working in places which have scientificky-sounding names, for instance “Department of Molecular Biology”. Here, “working” means they are get paid for being there. (Check Wikipedia for many other meanings of work.) When one has a chance to leave this kind of employment for something less esoteric but never uses this chance, (s)he is said to choose “staying in science”. I like the expression “staying in science” more than “working in science” because it, obviously, does not imply any work.

I am not employed any longer full-time (or part-time for that matter) in science or otherwise. Therefore, I can write whatever I please, about science and other stuff one always wants to write while in full-time employment but never has any time.

Wordle: low-throughput

I mean, they can’t kick me out.

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