Wednesday, 4 August 2010

just some words

Three months ago, I started another “low-throughput” blog, just some words. I wanted to have not-Blogger blog. But why did I choose to host it on Maneno? First, Maneno is multi-lingual, and I want to have an option to publish in more than one language.

Second, Maneno is African.

It allows those with limited or narrow-bandwidth internet to use a system that is lightweight and straightforward in functionality.
One day I move to Africa and will need this! Last but not least: “maneno” means “words” in Swahili, and my new blog is all about words. From different languages.

Now I read on its Site Blog that Maneno is

going to gradually stop hosting blogs on the system as well as not accept any new joins.
That means, “somewhere down the road” I will have to move just some words somewhere else. In the meantime, I’d like to reproduce here one of my articles.

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